So KFC South Africa went and released this amazing video at the start of the World Cup, but it was 2 days later when during the Brazil v Switzerland game, where Neymar gave a Tony award worthy theatrical performance.

KFC - Make a meal of it ad, keep rolling - World Cup 2018

With the state of football today and the likelihood of players rolling around like they are chasing a roll of cheese down Cooper’s Hill it was inevitable that a player would ‘make a meal of it’ during the world cup.

It is sheer coincidence that it happens to be arguably the worlds biggest player (among other) who is making a meal of it, and often – maybe not coincidence, let’s be honest this is nothing new for Neymar.

Even without the World Cup this would have been a good ad but the timing of this make it that much better

What makes this ad so great?


With plenty of time to plan for the world cup, they would have been able to explore plenty of creative ideas. Understanding what people are likely to be talking about during the World Cup and releasing the ad at the start, means their ad will come to mind whenever you see a player ‘making a meal’ out of a challenge.

Subtle, but consistent branding

The team is wearing red and white, the colours of KFC, while the star of the ad ‘Herbz’ wears the number 11, a nod to KFC 11 herbs and spices recipe.


With the South Africa team not making it to the world cup, and KFC not being a sponsor, they had to find a better way to piggyback on the event. Not being officially associated with the World Cup likely allowed them use a an aspect of football that FIFA despise and would never support a partner to use in promotion.

Credit to KFC and Oglivy South Africa